10-11 Pioneers Space Probe

KOLN/KGIN operates as part of a duopoly with Superior-licensed NBC affiliate KSNB-TV (channel 4), which was acquired by Gray in 2013 and simulcasts in high definition on the second digital subchannel of KOLN/KGIN. It previously broadcast MyNetworkTV and MeTV programming, along with central Nebraska-specific newscasts. Following Gray’s acquisition of Hastings’ NBC affiliate KHAS-TV, the station was shut down and its programming (along with separately-produced newscasts out of Hastings) was moved to KSNB’s primary channel, which became the primary NBC affiliate for this vast market. KSNB moved to KHAS’ former studio just outside Hastings on US 281, though master control and some internal operations are based at KOLN’s facilities. Since KSNB’s signal is spotty in Lincoln itself, KOLN and KGIN continue to simulcast it on their second subchannel, while MyNetworkTV and MeTV programming moved to KOLN and KGIN’s third subchannel. Gray reacquired KNHL (the former KHAS-TV) from Legacy Broadcasting on March 1, 2019 and made it a KSNB satellite to further resolve its signal issues.