Big Smo Moonshine Bandits

According to Matt Bjorke of Roughstock, Big Smo is one of the foremost grassroots artists in a style known as rural rap or hick-hop, “which blends rural, Country themes and melodies with some rap elements (production and vocal delivery)”. AllMusic’s Steve Legget commented that Big Smo “combines country themes and attitudes with rap and hip-hop in a style that prompted one reviewer to note ‘If Kid Rock and Run–D. M. C. had a love child, he would be named Big Smo,’ although combining Hank Williams Jr. with Nappy Roots might strike a bit closer. ” Rolling Stone described Big Smo as sounding like “If Run–D. M. C. ‘s ‘Walk This Way’ stomped out of Queens and ended up in the rural south. ” The music on Kuntry Livin’ was described as spinning “rap rhymes about working-class values over hard-rock riffs. ”