China Moon Landing Location

Instead of driving home, Rachel drives to Kyle’s trailer, and he agrees to drive her home to get her things. He waits in the car as she packs a suitcase. Kyle does not see Rupert returning home, and when Rupert encounters Rachel in the act of leaving him, he flies into a rage. She gets her 9mm gun and shoots him twice in self-defense. She stops Kyle from calling the police because she points out that she drove back from Miami without checking out of her hotel, just like her murder fantasy. She knows she would look guilty, and Kyle agrees to help her cover her tracks. Using his skills as a homicide detective, he helps her carefully clear the crime scene, even removing the bullets from the wall, spackling over the holes and painting them. They dump Rupert’s body in the same lake where they first made love. Back at the house, Kyle turns on the humidifiers to erase any of his fingerprints.