Pandora Moon of Jupiter

Pandora, unlike most of the other “Second Generation” cast, makes her first appearance in Series 2, in which she joins Effy Stonem at the same school as Abigail Stock. Her childish naivety initially repulses Effy, but she eventually becomes her friend after Pandora shows off a circus trick that she learned. She later accompanies Effy to various nightclubs and raves, mostly on her quest to solve the relationship issues between Tony, Michelle, Sid and Cassie. When buying some spliff from Cassie, Pandora sees Cassie kissing another girl and is noticeably shocked, presumably having never encountered homosexuality before. After smoking the weed for the first time, she gets high very easily. Throughout the entire episode, her mother Angela continually rings her, and their conversation suggests that Angela is somewhat overprotective of her.